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Teamlog (PAR-TLO) is a major French integrator which provides services to a broad range of large corporate customers including 75% of France's publicly traded companies. Teamlog’s core activities range from software engineering and systems integration to distributed infrastructure management and consulting.

10, rue Lavoisier
38330 Montbonnot
Tel. : +33(0)
Sieber Consulting


Sieber Consulting operates out of Munich with partners in Latin America and Asia. Sieber Consulting has extensive experience from the telecom industry and the company's focus is two fold. Besides classical consulting services in the arena of management, organization and systems, Sieber Consulting also provide the integration and support of business and operation support systems.

Sieber Consulting GmbH & Co KG
Am Schlossanger 12
D-84036 Landshut
Tel: +49 (0)871 / 9669510
Caverin Solutions


Caverin Solutions is a Spanish ICT company with a Wireless ISP division for offering secure and easy-to-use broadband internet access at hotels, conference centers and marinas that allow their customers to work free of cables and at their convenience.

Caverin Solutions also acts as an IT integrator supplying hardware and network solutions to Internet installations and distributes 3rd-party wireless products (acces controllers and access points from Proxim, mesh networking technology from Strixsystems and back-end systems for service management in IP networks from Wificom) as well as media applications (pay per view from InOutHotelTV, Interactive Marketing from NEM). Caverin Solutions is a young and dynamic IT company that can be distinguished by its ability to create innovative, flexible, mobile and cost-effective solutions to its users while adhering to the highest level of security.

Caverin Solutions SA
c/ Aribau, 103, entlo. 1a
08036 Barcelona
Tel: +34.93.323.93.42


Taiwan, China

Asia Heading Technologies has extensive experience in consulting and implementation of Telco systems in the Asia Pacific region. The company is based in Taipei with a close penetration also into China and other countries in the Asia Pacific region.

11F, No.206 Sec.2,
Nanking East Road,
Tel: +886-2-25166635