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Wificom is a leading-edge global supplier of WLAN and WiMAX billing and service management products for companies operating in the broadband wireless marketplace, from Wireless ISPs to various kinds of telecom operators.

Wificom’s flagship product SAB Server™ is a complete server-side software solution for broadband Internet service providers. It integrates service creation, authentication, billing, rating, roaming, customer self-care, reporting, device independent content delivery and value-added location-based services.

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New Educational Institution licensing scheme:

Important Notice to Our Middle-Eastern Customers:

Source Code Licensing as an Option: Wificom has recently started licensing the source code for its SAB Server to service providers and other software vendors at attractive prices, royalty-free. Possible license structures range from non-exclusive rights to embed the SAB Server functionality in another product to, ultimately, full rights to develop and resell SAB Server™. In parallel, Wificom is facilitating a developer forum for holders of such rights. We naturally continue to sell run-time licenses as usual. Please contact info(at) for further details.


Last updated: 02-Jun-2008